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The Němec – Luxury Surfaces Company focuses on creating timeless surfaces and vertical gardens as well as on installing spiral staircases.

The company, which has been in business since 1994, has gained great reputation thanks, among other things, to the fact that apart from commonly used procedures and materials, it uses when making luxury surfaces its own technologies, which it keeps developing and perfecting. If you decide to have your apartment, house, office or retail space decorated with the surfaces made by this company, you can choose from patented technologies such as Concrete Imitation, Betonepox, Betonepox Fine and Betonepox Soft as well as from commonly used technologies and materials, such as those developed by the ArmourCoat Company (e.g. Travertine, Granite, Perlata Pitted and Smooth), Pandomo technology and Venetian stucco. Whichever kind of surface you should choose, your interior or exterior is sure to get the touch of timeless elegance, luxury and uniqueness. The Němec – Luxury Surfaces Company also focuses on installing luxurious spiral staircases from the Italian Rizzi brand, which could be an original accessory of your interior. Another important item on Němec – Luxury Surfaces's menu are its vertical gardens thanks to which you will get a beautiful piece of lush nature for your apartment, house or office. The complete spectrum of products offered by the company can be viewed at its showroom in Krč, Prague 4. If you are considering redesigning your interior, consider using the services of Němec – Luxury Services, the company which boasts years of experience, professionalism and excellent references.

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