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If you are looking for wall and flooring experts in Prague, look no further than Bohemia Decor.

Bohemia Decor completes stylish interiors by working with the house or apartment's walls and floors; professional implementation of such basic elements in an interior can create a powerful stylish impact on any given space. Bohemia Decor offers a wide range of wall & flooring options including stucco, painting, putty, rich wallpaper, imitation concrete and other surface materials - you can be sure that Bohemia Decor will create an impressive interior for you as the company strives for perfect results in each and every way – for each given project. This is further ensured by the fact that Bohemia Decor works with materials from the world's best brands, and besides precision and durability puts emphasis on aesthetic value and innovation. Bohemia Decor works closely together in a sought after team of professionals that are constantly being called upon for implementation of projects requiring an exceptional artistic approach to first-class quality and performance (projects such as restoration of old frescos and historic buildings, for example). Bohemia Decor participates in the drafting, implementation and interior renovations of commercial buildings, historic buildings (as mention above) and houses – more often than not, these structures tend to be luxury properties. Bohemia Decor is well versed in both modern and classic styles – guaranteeing there is something for all interior styles.  

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