Church of our Lady Before Tyn

Address: Staroměstské náměstí, Praha 1 

The Gothic spires of the mid 14th century Church of Our Lady Before Týn are a symbol for all that is magnificent and magical about Prague.

One of the signature landmarks in Prague's Old Town the church originally belonged to the followers of Jan Hus (whose statue stands in Old Town Square), but was reclaimed by the Counter-Reformation. The golden Madonna on the main gable was originally a chalice – the Hussites’ symbol. Inside is the tomb of Tycho Brahe, the famous Danish astronomer who was the court astronomer of Rudolf II and mentor to Johannes Kepler - one legend says that Brahe died of a bladder rupture during a drinking binge with Rudolf II. This imposing church is best viewed at night when the tiny windows in its two towers are illuminated, creating an unforgettable, haunting image of pure fairy tale charm.

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