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19. October 2017

Cyril Dejanovski Speaks at the Real Estate Market > Autumn 2017 International Conference

Cyril Dejanovski, the business director of Svoboda & Williams, was part of the Prague: Paralyzed Development? discussion panel at the international Real Estate Market > Autumn 2017 conference, organized by the Stavební fórum magazine. In his talk, he emphasized that sensitive renovations of historic buildings in the center of Prague are currently trending in real estate development.

The move to renovations, is a reaction on the side of the real estate developers to lengthy and overly complicated approval processes for new construction as well as to the problems accompanying the creation of the Prague Metropolitan plan. In his talk, Dejanovski further stressed that – in connection with a growing interest from Czechs in rental housing and the rapid growth of rents of apartments in Prague – developers have been paying increasingly more attention to rental projects (see e.g. the Krkonošská 14 or Břetislavka projects).

The 16th annual Real Estate Market conference happened at the Center of Architecture and City Planning (CAMP) in the building of IPR (Prague Institute of Planning and Development). The conference featured a total of 4 panels, which covered the topics of brownfields in Prague, current trends in office leasing, the Metropolitan Plan, the issue of rental housing and others.

Real Estate Market Conference | Cyril Dejanovski

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