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15. November 2018

New Reality of Real Estate Marketing

Svoboda & Williams Organized an Interactive Workshop Entitled “Virtual Reality and Real Estate Marketing.”

The theme of the workshop was virtual reality and how it can be used in real estate marketing. Attending journalists had a chance to experience the virtual model of the Šárecký dvůr residential project. Since the workshop was held inside the newly completed residential park situated in a peaceful part of Prague 6, participants were able to compare the virtual model to reality, or stroll through the empty apartments with a special headset on and observe how they will look when they are completely furnished. Besides the different versions of the full-fledged virtual presentation, they were also shown 360° spherical photographs of Šárecký dvůr that can be posted on Facebook or Instagram, and an augmented reality mobile app that allows people to scroll through the “paper model” of the project, including the interiors, on their phones. Members of the VR Musashi startup, who created the virtual reality project, also introduced the journalists to the concept behind the Czech Innovation Expo. This exposition, which uses virtual and augmented reality to present the most important Czech inventors, scientists, and innovators of the last century, was organized by Czech Centers all around the world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic. Journalists could thus acquaint themselves with the wider possibilities of using virtual reality applications.

“Virtual and augmented reality expands the capabilities of real estate marketing campaigns, and we therefore decided to add it to our standard offer of marketing services starting in the pre-sale phase,” says Marian Kolev, Marketing Director at Svoboda & Williams. The advantage of the virtual presentation is that it presents a property to potential buyers, who often only know it “on paper,“ in a much more faithful and realistic way than the usual marketing visuals and plans. They can walk around in the space and look at it from different angles and in various standards of completion. The simulation can also work with natural light and show what the interiors would look like at different times of the day and during different seasons.

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