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14. February 2020

Villa Černopolní: Unique Living Next Door to Villa Tugendhat

The historically significant Brno neighborhood of Černá Pole is home to many architectural treasures: the legendary Villa Tugendhat, the Art Deco Arnold Villa, Karl Kaiser’s Neo-Renaissance villa, or the Art Nouveau Alfred Löw-Beer House. Besides elevating the historical value of the neighborhood, the buildings have one thing in common: they surround a Functionalist villa with house number 47, the sale of which Svoboda & Williams has been exclusively retained to mediate.

The four-story villa, completed in 1947, features several purely Functionalist touches, such as a nautical window above the main entrance, a wall made of Czech luxfer prism glass that creates a play of light, and chrome and marble finishes. Thanks to its location on a slope above Lužánky Park, the villa offers unique, undisturbed views of the Brno panorama, consisting of Špilberk Castle, the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul, and the Church of St. James. Its impressive genius loci is underscored by a mysterious garden that borders the garden of the Arnold Villa on one side and the park of the Löw-Beer villa on the other. Additionally, it’s strictly forbidden to build anything new in the villa’s immediate vicinity, which further enhances the prestige of the properties in the area.

The villa was built at a time when it was common for the owners to live together with the groundskeeper and domestic help. The villa therefore has two separate entrances to ensure the maximum privacy of its owners, who occupied the ground and higher floor. The villa has retained its unique character thanks to its rare original architectural features, such as metal entrance doors with travertine tiles, an atypical metal hipped roof, wooden windows with marble window sills, Venetian blinds, parquet floors, and a marble central staircase. The building is a perfect example of a timeless interior design, creating an environment and a home where the past meets the future.

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