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Ginger & Fred

Situated on the seventh floor of the Prague Dancing House, Ginger & Fred, a top-quality restaurant, is here for all lovers of first-class gastronomy, service and atmosphere.

Due to a combination of the magical spirit of the Dancing House, breathtaking views of the Prague Castle (and the surrounding Castle District) and an attractive interior that comprises modern, simple furniture and contemporary art, the atmosphere at Ginger & Fred truly is remarkable. The offer of the restaurant is mainly based on French cuisine, yet it is, according to the chef Rudolf Doležal himself, international. Alongside French specialties the menu consists of traditional dishes from many other countries, including Italy and the United States. You can look forward to a generous breakfast offer, delicious starters, main courses that include meat, pasta and salads, world-wide popular desserts and special daily offers, which are based on seasonal goods provided by local farmers and suppliers. The high quality of all materials used is not the only thing that is carefully focused on at Ginger & Fred – the lovely enterprise also places emphasis on a high level of food processing, preparation and serving. Taking pride in original and distinctive dishes, the culinary team of Ginger & Fred will surely surprise you with the unique combination of flavors. The name of the restaurant copies the original name of the Dancing House, a significant building that has been winning the hearts of tourists and adorned by architects and photographers from all around the globe since 1996. In accordance to its corner spires that resemble a par of dancers, the Dancing House was originally named Ginger and Fred. Thereby, the creators of the project paid tribute to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, legendary dance partners who made a total of 10 motion pictures together during the interwar period. Their legacy is only amplifying the unique charm of the great building and its dancing floors, one of which is home to a premium restaurant. Visit Ginger & Fred and enjoy a lovely breakfast, a business lunch, a romantic dinner or a private company event. 

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    Jiráskovo náměstí 6,Praha 2
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