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Banh Mi Ba

Head to Banh Mi Ba today for high quality, authentic Vietnamese sandwiches and noodles.

Banh Mi Ba is located in various locations throughout Prague and offers great eats for great prices. Their offer of traditional Vietnamese sandwiches (made on fresh locally-made baguettes) and a variety of noodle dishes is suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians (Vietnamese sandwich available with tofu). The sandwiches can be made with pork, beef, pate, fish, or the above-mentioned tofu – the sandwiches are made directly in front of you by chatty, super friendly staff members. The tasty sandwiches will have you returning time and time again, as will the uber friendly attitude of the workers there. Besides sandwiches you can also get famous, well-known and loved Vietnamese dished including Pho Bo (famous Vietnamese soup), Bun Bo Nam Bo, or Bun Ch Nuong. The sandwiches and noodles are simply put, fresh and delicious; the bistros constant crowd of diners is a testament to this. If you are craving authentic Vietnamese food in Prague, pay a culinary visit to Banh Mi Ba!  

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    Rybná 26,Praha 1,Praha 8,Praha 1
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