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Are you looking for something truly unique for your house or apartment? An accessory that not only looks good, but is practical as well? Then browse through Deeptime studio’s selection of cutting edge speakers.

When founders Martin Hřeben and Ondřej Chotovinský designed their Ionic Sound System speakers, they found inspiration in organic shapes and used their skills and technical know-how to manufacture objects that will adorn your interior. Their original appearance isn’t the only distinctive feature of these designer speakers. It’s their production itself that makes them so special – they are the first sound system that is 3D printed from sand. This innovative approach allowed Studio Deeptime to create speakers with natural, uninterrupted lines. The resulting natural shapes not only look great, but also elevate sound to a whole other level with high quality technology, Bluetooth input, and premium, oxygen-free copper cables. Decorate your home with a designer item that will flood each corner with a well-balanced sound.

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