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A home tailored perfectly to suit your tastes and desires, starting from the selection of the most suitable property to the installation of custom-made furniture for your interior, are all services offered within the wide spectrum provided by myhome, a company that focuses on comprehensive services in the area of property acquisition, as well as its reconstruction and interior design.

Myhome boasts of experience with a whole range of services from assisting with the selection of the most suitable property, to the design of a new layout and interior design, and the reconstruction and coordination of all necessary suppliers of services and materials. Myhome recommends purchasing an apartment before reconstruction, as it is easier and financially more advantageous to create a home from it that will perfectly correspond to your ideas. Based on consultations with you, myhome will help you identify such properties and once you decide to purchase myhome will negotiate conditions, negotiate with the owner and authorities regarding the transfer of ownership rights and arrange the handover of the apartment itself. Myhome will also ensure the design of layout adjustment, so that it completely corresponds to your needs, as well as the interior design including individual pieces of furniture that will be made to order for your new home. Myhome will prepare all of the documentation necessary for the implementation of an interior and dealing with individual authorities, provide a suitable architect or interior designer and tried and trusted construction companies. The coordination of the whole project will be carried out by myhome professionals so that you can enjoy the more pleasant things, such as the choice of furniture and accessories. Besides the whole package of the large number of services that myhome offers, you can also use only individual services based on your actual needs. Let the myhome professionals create the perfect home for you without the stress and worries normally associated with purchasing and reconstructing a home.