Ateliér Dluhý

Address: Zenklova 1230/185, Praha 8, +420 721 185 161,

Established in 1991, Ateliér Dluhý creates maintainable interior and exterior designs, with an array of works ranging from private residential projects to hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, exhibitions & museums, office / business interiors, and more. Besides creating gorgeous private and public works, Ateliér Dluhý is devoted to renovations of original historic buildings and national cultural landmarks.

The atelier was established by Slavomír Dluhý, a reputable architect that, at first, focused on interior and product design. In the process of the studio's development and expansion architectural work became common; today the atelier employs a number of architects, designers and project engineers. It is of upmost importance to note that excellent design is of paramount importance to this studio – in order to achieve this, supreme attention is paid, not only to form and detail, but also to each and every client's wishes and needs. After consulting with their clients, emphasis is then placed upon the given environment in which the work is to be implemented, which allows them to produce work that positively reacts to the specific requirements of the given place and time – work that also, more often than not, leads to discovery and surprise for both clients and the Dluhý architects. Together their interwoven architectural story always creates a fresh and lively interior or exterior impression. Ateliér Dluhý cooperates with a wide variety of companies and clients – always creating new products, developing and applying new materials and technological innovations… with the aim to define a new design identity for their clients and themselves. Ateliér Dluhý creates architecture and product design by means of original concepts based on fine aesthetics and sophisticated elegance. It is also of interest to note that Atelier Dluhý creates professional videos for chosen clients. The videos are conveniently prepared for those clients who do not have time for long presentations and time-consuming approving of concepts. The videos, in a simple, comprehensible and short way, present to them the main idea, architectonic concept, and the design and materials of the proposed building. In this way, clients can see the amazing process of their project being created by talented architects.

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