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Architectural Studio Jancalek Architects is headed by Petr Jančálek, a 2007 graduate of the Czech Technical University in the field of architecture.

This architectural studio, which handles all phases of project documentation, from initial studies and visualizations (completed in close cooperation with clients), to engineering, implementation of the project, technical supervision, and supervision of the construction, is reputable and creates innovative architectural solutions for all their clients. Petr Jančálek’s background is varied, which has been an undeniable benefit for his career. Between 2007 and 2008, he completed the postgraduate Leonardo da Vinci internship in Spain at an architectural studio in Palma de Mallorca. He has since gained experience in the Radan Hubička architectural studio, with Gianni Baretti Architects, and with Metroprojekt Praha. Since 2009 he has been involved in independent activities and has worked on significant interiors in Prague, providing comprehensive architectural turnkey services from start to finish in the construction process. To better understand Jančálek’s style and vision it is best to hear from the architect himself: "I focus on projects of reconstruction of interiors in the city center, including their implementation. My favorite materials include wood, glass, and brushed steel, as well as mirrors and glass mosaics. My favorite colors are white and black combined with green, brown and the color of natural wood. I love making style connections with traditional historical elements by placing them with modern ones, trying to underline the contrast of old interiors and their ancient charm with contemporary materials." Jancalek Architects can prepare documentation for zoning, building permits, construction – all in a convenient short time. The studio stays up-to-date by constantly following new architectural trends, including new technologies and materials – ensuring that this studio is at the forefront of their field. A good example of this is an attached photo in this article of a unique apartment with a horizontal roof that opens. The proposal of the apartment is a fully original solution that has not been implemented before. The movable roof windows were tailor-made and enable the roof in the bathroom and study of the apartment to open. More information and the lay-out of this unique flat can be found on the website listed below. Cooperation with Jancalek Architects guarantees that you will be presented with an innovative, fresh and intelligent project vision / solution.  

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