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FOX Gallery is run by the remarkable Project FOX, which is based in Prague and in Hradec Králové. It is sure to delight art and design enthusiasts alike with its complete portfolio of services and activities that connect modern and applied forms of art, floral arrangements, and other creative fields.

Project FOX has its own gallery, and represents, presents, and supports talented young artists, brings together gifted designers across various artistic disciplines, and organizes events. Last but not least, it promotes the idea that art is an integral part of our everyday lives. Project FOX is divided into several sections – the FOX Gallery, the FOX Flowers studio, and the online lifestyle FOXMAG LIFE Magazine, which have been enriching the Czech art and social scene for many years now. In 2013, the project made it to the final round in the prestigious Czech Grand Design awards. In the FOX Gallery in Prague, you will find a sales exhibit full of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other works of art by renowned Czech artists, as well as a store that carries select local brands. The building also houses FOX Flowers, with its team of innovative designers and florists who will create unique, non-traditional, wonderful-smelling natural bouquets and arrangements, as well as an interior design studio. Since 2018, FOX has been part of the Hradec Králové art scene. The FOX Gallery Design Shop, where you can buy works created by contemporary Czech artists, is located inside the Gallery of Modern Art on Velké náměstí Square. Also in Hradec Králové, on Klicperova Street, there is an additional space for exhibits, private events, and workshops. A flower shop and the “FOX live showroom,” where you can view and try out Czech designer furniture, rounds out Project FOX’s activities in Hradec Králové. Whether you are in Prague or on your way to scenic Hradec, visit FOX Gallery, the design shop, the showroom, or the floral studio. You will find inspiration, discover the latest trends in the Czech art scene, and maybe even learn something and take a beautiful artwork home with you.

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    Karolíny Světlé 31,Praha 1,Velké náměstí 140,Hradec Králové
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