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The Perfect Home company offers unique pieces of furniture, whose appearance is based on many different cultures and historical periods.

Perfect Home, originally a small retail shop, offering furniture inspired by Southeast Asia, was established in 2010. Thanks to a wide range of original products with unmistakable character, the company quickly developed into a partner, sought-after by both individual clients and interior designers and architects who are looking for a perfect company to complete the renovation or creation of a new interior. The showroom, situated in Slaný, close to Prague, will captivate you with a unique atmosphere of eclectic style, which is, in a nutshell, based on an arbitrary selection and combination of other interior styles and practically everything that surrounds us. The real art of interior design lies in the ability to search for and discover new, stylish combinations in everyday life and the eclectic style, therefore, is one of the most interesting ones. Nowadays, in the age of modern urbanism, travel opportunities and globalization, everyone surely appreciates even more the style which reflects a modern lifestyle – a style, which combines modern design with elements inspired by various ethnicities and antiques. In the wide range of products presented by the Perfect Home company, you will find everything that is needed for your interior including wardrobes bookshelves, dressers, beds, various kinds of tables and chairs, armchairs, sofas, benches, mirrors, chests, garden furniture, etc. as well as accessories and decorations which will complete the final look of your new or renovated interior perfectly. Besides the diverse assortment, presented both in the showroom and e-shop, the Perfect Home company provides also custom furniture, an ideal solution for restaurants, bars and other gastronomic companies as well as individual clients. Thanks to custom manufactory, which includes consultations with a professional, visualizations, material pattering and the realization itself, you can get a perfect interior and, at the same time, save energy and precious time. Visit the Perfect Home showroom or the e-shop, get inspired and add some style to your home. 

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