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The designers and collaborators of the Ranný Architects architectural studio, founded by Ing. Mojmír Ranný, design timeless furniture of the highest quality under the Design Salon brand.

Since its foundation in 1994, Design Salon has successfully established itself on the market thanks to its winning offer of design furniture that is affordable and yet fulfilling the requirements of even the most demanding clients. The furniture and interior décor elements designed by Design Salon is designated both for residential and commercial space and combines originality, high quality and world design. Sofas, armchairs, lamps, tables, chairs, upholstered furniture and products of this brand are manufactured from only the best materials in small series. The furniture is duly tested and has to fulfill necessary European norms. Besides architects from Ranný Architects, emerging designers and graduates with excellent university results also design the products. The high quality of design seen in Design Salon's products corresponds to trends that Ranný Architects architectural office supports in its offer of first-rate furniture. If you are searching for high quality, Czech production and original design furniture in Prague, look at Design Salon's offer, whether you do so on the company website or in its showroom in Prague 1.

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    RANNÝ RETAIL SHOP,Národní 37 (Platýz),Praha 1
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